Helen Sharpe | Singer

  • Helen Sharpe and Clive Barker St Leonards
  • Helen Sharpe Sings at The Jenny Lind 2

Whether you are looking for a laid back smoky jazz vibe or a ‘hands in the air’ dancing crowd or a combination of both, Helen Sharpe is the whole package.

Helen’s smoky dulcet tones fit perfectly with the jazz classics she plays with guitarist Jonas Laarson. Equally her love of disco translates perfectly for her upbeat 5-piece band, Helen Sharpe and The Soulshine Band where you are guaranteed a fun and uplifting time singing and dancing to disco classics all night long. Then she offers both with some soul and pop thrown in for good measure with guitarist Clive Barker in long standing duo, Sharpe and Barker. Their sets normally start off slow and mellow and finish again with the crowd out of their seats boogieing to upbeat and well-loved classics.

Perfect for weddings, festivals, private parties or local gigs, Helen and her fantastic musicians can provide a whole package of entertainment.

Helen’s rapport with the audience is part of what makes her special. She makes an audience of strangers feel like a room of friends – all part of a shared experience where everyone is involved.

“In May 2010 my husband & I were married. We asked Helen Sharpe to sing for us – a variety of sweet soul music to begin with (she blew the roof off with Natural Woman – there wasn’t a dry eye in the room!) Followed by a later set for those guests ready to P.A.R.T.Y!
The transition from Gospel-like Goddess to Disco Diva was brilliant. Helen has a god given adeptness to warm a crowd and make everyone feel like they are involved. She radiates warmth and love. She also finished with a few contemporary tunes specially requested by me & my husband which ended the night on a real high.”

Lucy Gair