About Helen

About Helen Sharpe - Singer

Helen is renowned for her strong, deep, husky voice – perfect for smokey jazz classics and using full power in the disco and soul hits she so loves to sing.

Don’t be surprised to see Helen at one of her jazz gigs dressed as a 1940’s siren and then with her band as disco queen in full sequins, jumpsuit and platforms! Versatility is what makes her and her musicians special!

Helen is also highly regarded as a great entertainer. The interaction she has with her audience is fantastic – whether dancing with them or getting them to sing along to the songs or even commanding silence for a powerful ballad – Helen believes a positive synergy between musicians and audience is a vital one for great entertainment and that is at the very heart of each performance – a happy crowd is what makes the night a success!

“A warm soulful voice, infectious smile and sexy diva vibe….coupled with a hip-swingingly brilliant set list…..Helen Sharpe is the whole package!!”
Joanna Poulton, Owner of Pomegranate Restaurant, Hastings